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Everything You Need To Know About Electrical Installation Services In Auburn


Do you live in Auburn and have electrical problems affecting you? Have you looked for solutions for weeks and not gotten the help you need? It could be from simple electrical challenges such as ceiling fans not working, or a socket is not getting the right current to more complex ones like upgrades to your electrical system. Whatever the case, you need a company that can genuinely deliver exceptional service every time you call on them to offer residential and commercial services. A job that takes a few weeks should not cost you months, nor should simple tasks have your electrical contractor coming back every few days or weeks. They are probably not qualified to handle that particular electrical problem if you keep calling them back. So, here is all you need to know about electrical installation services in Auburn.

Custom Electrical Services

Auburn, WA, is fast growing. The need for electrical services is on the rise. At Custom Electrical Services, we moved swiftly to fill the rising demand. We have triumphed over every electrical company around Auburn over the years, mainly due to our commitment to quality. Getting quality for your electrical needs is easy with us in the market. We have been offering reliable services to residents and commercial clients. We are a licensed and insured electrical service and licensed to attend to customers across the Pacific Northwest. We do troubleshoot repair, residential rewire, and commercial work. We have worked with real estate agents, business owners, general contractors, and homeowners. We ensure our services are always available for residential or commercial electrical needs for the smooth running of activities supported by electrical work.

Electrical Repair Services in Auburn, WA

For years the excellent work to clients in Auburn, WA, has built our reputation. Our experts have inspected electrical systems, identified faults, recommended upgrades to electrical devices, etc. When it comes to electrical devices, we ensure quality equipment is used. This has reduced the cost of electrical repairs for our customers. Quality materials enhance safety, such as the black diamond insulator.

Alongside this, we offer surge protection for the equipment. Surge protection reduces damage to devices, enhancing longevity.

Electrical Installation Services in Auburn

An electrical installation can look mysterious. Before installing any electrical system, there are basics you should understand. Of key concern is the quality of electrical work, standards of performance, and possible dangers that may arise from work.

New technology will require many new installations and modifications to the ways of practice. New installations will differ from those in the old electrical systems. Any electrical installation should follow regulations and safety, and best practice requirements. An electrical contractor should also be licensed. Finally, the contractor should be adequately updated and aware of recent trends to do electrical wiring properly.

Custom electrical services serve Auburn residents in three key electric service areas. Residential services, business services, and generator solutions. We serve Seattle, Tacoma, Bellevue, Kent, Everett, Renton, Federal Way, Kirkland, Redmond, Bothell, and Puyallup.

The residential services offered to Auburn residents and its surrounding areas are:

Troubleshoot and Repair:

At Custom Electrical Services, electricians provide comprehensive electrical troubleshooting and repair services with a one-year labor warranty. Our Auburn electricians comprise a team of highly experienced professionals. They are licensed and widely knowledgeable. Each electrician has extensive experience to solve any electrical assignments. Your electrical problems could be with lights, water heaters, or even an EV charger for electric car drivers. Whatever the case, we are available for electrical repair services of any nature. If the electrician assigned to you is unable to fix the electrical issue, we will provide you with a free estimate cost of getting a new circuit.

Power Panel Replacement and Installation:

You need a larger electrical panel for additional appliances to accommodate more power. Contact Custom Electrical Service LLC if you’re moving into a new house or business and need a new electrical panel.

Home Lighting Installation:

We install heavy or complicated chandeliers. Our team can determine the support required and build or install it to years of safety. We also install low-voltage under cabinet and toe kick lighting. This lighting method is amazing and gives space and a warm feeling. The lighting is added to your standard lighting to illuminate the kitchen or used for mood lighting. Contact us for your under-cabinet light solutions.

Electric Vehicle Charger Installation:

Custom Electrical Services also specializes in installing the EV charger for electric vehicles. We are a certified contractor to install Tesla electric vehicle charger. We also give a quick estimate of what it would cost for the electrical issues you are facing.

Home Generator Installation:

We offer both manual and automatic power backup solutions. The first service we provide for generators is installing an interlock knit with a 30 amp inlet—the second electric service manual transfer switch.

Residential and Commercial Electrical Services:

Businesses and residents also benefit from our manual and automatic power backup solutions.

Kitchen and Bath Wiring and Lighting:

Many new high-end appliances require two dedicated circuits to operate correctly. This will mean that a new installation will need new equipment such as circuit breakers.

Complete Home Rewire:

We do electrical renovation service. Proper wiring replaces older methods of wiring that may pose a fire hazard in electrical appliances. Wiring for your home can be completed within a few days, based on how large the electrical coverage will be. Upgrades on wiring will, however, be longer. Simple tasks like the repair of ceiling fans can even take minutes.

Outdoor Electrical Heater Installation:

Infratech outdoor electrical heaters provide heat to the outdoor area efficiently.

Home Automation:

We update your house with new smart switches and outlets throughout. There are a variety of outlets and switches you can choose for your home. Some include smart switches and outlets powered by Siri, Alexa, and Google. A switch or outlet installed can be controlled remotely. The outlets can also change color, dim lighting, and power other devices on at the touch of a button.

Residential and Commercial Customers

Our company offers service to both residential and commercial property. The company handles any electrical issues. Try us in your next project. Our electricians do a wonderful job that will leave you more than satisfied. You may end up being one of the clients that give us new referrals from an excellent job done.

Why Custom Electrical Services?

We are the go-to service provider for any solution that needs quality, reliability, and skill. We operate all through to sort your electrical issues and ensure you are up & running. Our reputation as a provider of quality home and electrical business services precedes us, and our team works to uphold this truth. Our electricians have sufficient experience that makes them solve any electrical issue you may be having. You can request an estimate to get a quote on your installation project from us. When dealing with us, you can be assured of open communication, punctuality, and exceptional workmanship throughout the project. Call us today at (206) 558-0440 to book an appointment should you need our expertise in LED Retrofit, Commercial, and residential electrical services. We also offer the best home generator solutions and keep your power on even when blackouts happen.