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Although people may not take much notice of them, electrical panels serve as the primary method of distributing energy to every room. However, after much usage, they may begin to wear down and malfunction. Faulty panels should be replaced by our team at Custom Electrical Services as soon as they show signs of trouble. Our dependable Seattle electrical panel replacement and installation is the best way to assure a safe and secure system. 

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Which Is the Right Type of Panel for a New Installation?

Originally, homes were automatically fitted with a panel that could handle a 100-level amperage. This was considered plenty for powering a couple of larger appliances and lights. These days, however, residents use far more electrical power than ever before. Almost all kinds of equipment use electricity for energy, from large ovens to toothbrush charging ports. These collected tools and appliances often require at least 200-amp power, if not 400. The trouble is even when the service has been updated, the panel may still not be capable of distributing such power. This is why it is helpful to come to our knowledgeable electricians. We can help recommend the right kind of panel for an upcoming installation.

How to Recognize Your Panel Needs to Be Replaced 

A faulty panel can cause a lot of trouble. If the issue is minor, the panel will continuously cause the circuits to break, which is certainly frustrating. However, even a small fault in the panel can eventually evolve into something more problematic over time. A malfunctioning panel can even lead to an electrical shock or a dangerous fire.

Do not hesitate to call our experts for a dedicated evaluation when:

  • The panel looks charred or scorched in places
  • Lights often flicker or grow dim suddenly, especially when large appliances are being used
  • You notice unpleasant odors when more than one appliance is plugged in
  • Electrical appliances run slowly or sometimes do not even work at all
  • Breakers get tripped if multiple tools or appliances are being used
  • There is exposed wiring around the breaker
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  • “They did great and I can't recommend them enough. They even fixed a small issue that the HVAC electrician ( separate company ) messed up on.”

    - Drew R.
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    - Bo X.
  • “Ben and his crew were friendly, fast, and knowledgeable.”

    - Sunako V.

Is My Electrical Panel Too Old?

Even if an electrical panel is not displaying the troublesome signs mentioned above, it may still need to be replaced. For example, panels have a longevity of between 25 to 40 years. If the panel is approaching 35 years of age, this likely means it is at the end of its lifespan. However, there are also panels that have been specifically banned on account of their dangerous nature. It has been discovered that Zinsco and Federal Pacific panels are prone to causing fires. These panels need to be replaced as quickly as possible to keep household members safe. Our team at Custom Electrical Services can help keep homes secure from such hazardous panels.

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