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Custom Electrical Services specializes in complete electrical renovation services including the replacement of knob and tube wiring. This older method of wiring is not recommended to support electronics or appliances since it may pose a fire hazard. Because of its dangerous attributes, it will not pass an inspection report by professionals, which could result in a fine. 

With a Seattle complete home rewire, however, residents can feel true peace knowing their houses are safe. 

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What Is Involved in Full House Rewiring?

All homes are built with a dedicated electrical wiring system that provides a reliable source of power to the lights, appliances, tools, and other equipment. This wiring is built to last a long time, but many days of supplying electricity will eventually deteriorate the wires. A full home rewiring project involves replacing all the outdated, malfunctioning wires with new connections.

In addition to stripping out chewed, eroded, frayed, or cut wires, our electricians will assess whether any wires can be salvaged. Then, following this test, they will put in a brand-new electrical panel. This enables the circuit breaker to adequately handle the system’s increased load. 

The Benefits of Rewiring Your Home

Although the process of rewiring a house can initially feel like an overwhelming project, many advantages come from taking this step. The most important reason for rewiring is the ability to keep the whole household safe. Old wires, or wires that have been corroded, can result in dangerous fires or create electric shocks. There are other benefits as well, however. For example, a house that is getting remodeled would greatly benefit from full rewiring. 

Additionally, anyone who is putting their house on the market, or purchasing an older building, should invest in rewiring. This can help homeowners avoid needing to pay a fine for not being up to code, and may positively impact the resale value of the home should they decide to sell.

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  • “The electricians were highly knowledgeable. They even arranged for permit and the follow up inspection over a video call with the inspector.”

    - Arun G.
  • “Ben and his crew were friendly, fast, and knowledgeable.”

    - Sunako V.
  • “Despite some timing issues and scope adjustments needed Custom Electric was true to their word and completed a nightmare of a project which was touched by 4 different electricians before they came in, rectified any pre-existing issues, and saw it through f”

    - Michael A.

How to Tell the Wiring of Your House Is Made of Aluminum

Having a house that has been wired with aluminum can be very dangerous. Homes used to be made with this wiring all the time until it was discovered that this metal was prone to fire. Getting rid of aluminum wire is the best way to avoid hazardous electrical shocks.

A few of the signs that the wiring is made from aluminum include:

  • Any exposed wire looks silvery in color, rather than copper
  • The wire has visible lettering on it marked “aluminum” or at least “AL”
  • Parts of the system, such as the switches, plates, outlets, or receptacles, feel warm to the touch

Let Custom Electrical Services replace these hazardous types of wires with ones that are more efficient and safe.

To get started with a reliable estimate for Seattle complete home rewire, reach out to our specialists at (206) 558-0440.

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