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An electric vehicle charger allows residents to quickly charge their cars without paying extra. We have been serving residents since 2011 and can assist with EV charger installation services in Seattle.

Before getting an installation, however, it is important to have a dedicated team of electricians come and assess your home. Trust Custom Electrical Services to provide the dedicated support you need. 

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Level 2 Charging Options for Tesla Automobiles

While many brands of car chargers are interchangeable with each other, Tesla cars are designed so that they only work with Tesla EV chargers. Tesla does not just offer one kind of charger but provides faster or slower types of charging depending on client’s needs. A Tesla owner who is looking for a new charger should think about several key factors before selecting the right product. 

The typical number of miles driven every day, as well as the space and layout of a home, will greatly influence the kind of charger that should be purchased. Vehicle owners should also think about the potential that they will buy a second Tesla car later on. Once all these factors have been considered, our dedicated team can help advise residents on which options are the most economical. 

The Benefits of Installing an EV Charger at Home

Having an electric car is a great way to save your finances while conserving the earth’s natural resources. However, it will not be as effective without a dependable charger nearby. 

Having our professionals install a personal EV charger is extremely beneficial because:

  • It is more convenient – Trying to find a public charger can be very time-consuming. By having a home charger installed, drivers do not have to wait around for their car to be charged but can simply have it charged overnight. 
  • Charging at home saves expenses – In addition to being difficult to find, using public car chargers quickly becomes expensive over time. EV chargers make it more cost-effective and quick to charge.
  • This type of charging saves your battery – Using an extremely fast public charger can wear down the battery of an electric vehicle more quickly than its predicted expiration date. Using a personal home charger ensures that the car is not being charged too quickly, negatively affecting its battery’s lifespan.
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  • “I scheduled an appointment to help me install Tesla wall connector, their two engineers came, they are professional and very fast, it is Great Service!”

    - Bo X.
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    - Sunako V.
  • “They did great and I can't recommend them enough. They even fixed a small issue that the HVAC electrician ( separate company ) messed up on.”

    - Drew R.

How to Select the Right Kind of EV Charger 

Choosing the right level of EV charger depends greatly on the individual car owner. How much a car is driven throughout the week will strongly influence the level a person needs. Level 1 charging is the slowest speed, and works adequately for anyone traveling fewer than 40 miles daily. Those who need to drive over 40 miles each day should consider Level 2 instead. However, certain homes do not have the capacity to provide the load for this type of charger. Trust Custom Electrical Services to help decide which charger would work best.

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