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No matter the dilemma, we can fix anything related to electricity, and that includes the entire scope of lighting options. For a brand-new installation or thorough replacement, Custom Electrical Services is the team to call. We are so confident about the skills of our dedicated technicians that we include a 1-year warranty on labor.

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What to Think About for Your Interior Light Installation 

Whether renovating a current home or building the house from scratch, it is important to install lights in every room for functionality and an attractive look. Before any new lights can be added, however, it is important to take into account the dimensions of the space. The room’s size and structural layout will greatly influence what kinds of lights can be installed. If there are any architectural features already in place, it is important to play to their strengths. Tall, cathedral ceilings might benefit from chandelier lighting, while a closed and cramped space could use recessed lights to make it feel more open.

The next step is choosing the right style of lighting fixture. Matching the unique look of the rest of the house brings the entire ensemble together. The type, shape, and color of the bulbs are important to figure out as well, along with their wattage capability. Before making any long-term decisions, consult with our knowledgeable experts for more support.

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    - Michael A.

Benefits of Upgrading Your Interior Lights with LED Lights

Thinking about upgrading the look and functionality of a house? It is important to never forget about the lights. One of the best ways to immediately improve a house is by adding in LEDs. These lights used to be known for primarily being used in commercial buildings. This is because manufacturing plants needed an intense lighting system to light the whole space. However, LED technology has become so advanced that it is a favorite of residents as well. By converting their current system to LED retrofitting, residents can now greatly upscale the quality of lighting in their homes. 

Seeking professional retrofits is one of the best ways to increase light without making a hazardous situation from too much light or heat. Not only are LEDs much safer than traditional lights, but they are extremely energy-efficient too. This greatly cuts costs for repairs or replacements as well. 

Even more benefits of LEDs include:

  • Improved operational ability, including in hot or cold temperatures
  • Absence of dangerous UV emissions
  • An increased lifespan 
  • The ability to operate under low voltage
  • More flexible styles, shapes, colors, and designs
  • Greater resilience, even with continual switching
  • More benefits for the environment

To learn what happens in a total LED retrofitting project, speak to our professionals at Custom Electrical Services to get started.

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