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What Is Electrification?

Electrification involves switching your property’s reliance on fossil fuels to technologies that use only electricity. Making this move opens the door for property owners to reap numerous benefits. Electrifying your home or commercial building reduces utility and maintenance costs, and it can allow you to capitalize on various incentive programs and tax credits. At Custom Electrical Services, we have always prided ourselves on delivering the highest quality solutions to our customers. Electrification is just that. For your next project, ask us about how we might help you go electric. 

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  • Electrical Panels
    Faulty panels should be replaced by our team at Custom Electrical Services as soon as they show signs of trouble. Our dependable Seattle electrical panel replacement and installation is the best way to assure a safe and secure system.
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  • Electrical Diagnostics
    Custom Electrical Services provides a comprehensive electrical troubleshooting and repair service for our loyal clients. Our team of licensed electricians is extremely knowledgeable and has the experience to fix any electrical problem.
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  • Electric Vehicle Charging
    An electric vehicle charger allows residents to quickly charge their cars without paying extra. Before getting an installation, however, it is important to have a dedicated team of electricians come and assess your home.
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  • Generator Services
    Custom Electrical Services specializes in home generator installation and backup power solutions. Based on budget and power requirements, our team of specialists will determine which home generator solution is best for your home and family.
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  • Commercial Services
    When it comes to maintaining a commercial property, it is important not to forget about the electrical network. Our team at Custom Electrical Services is ready to help with any kind of electrical installation, replacement, or repair.
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  • Complete Home Rewire
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The Benefits of Electrification 

There are numerous ways that opting to go electric for your next service can benefit you. 

Our Seattle electrification services can:

  • Save you money on energy bills. Electrification technologies are energy efficient. They allow you to use less electricity while powering your residential or commercial property. 
  • Reduce your need for repairs and maintenance. From installing LED lighting to upgrading your electrical panel, we can fit your home with technology that lasts longer than others and works more efficiently, saving you money over time.
  • Help you cash in on tax credits and incentive programs. The state of Washington offers numerous incentives for those who purchase EVs and install chargers. Additionally, Pacific Power allows those who install qualified LED lighting to recover up to 70% of the costs through their incentive program.

If you want to know how we could help you reap any of the above benefits, contact us today. We will be happy to speak with you about the technologies we could bring to your property. 

  • “They did great and I can't recommend them enough. They even fixed a small issue that the HVAC electrician ( separate company ) messed up on.”

    - Drew R.
  • “I scheduled an appointment to help me install Tesla wall connector, their two engineers came, they are professional and very fast, it is Great Service!”

    - Bo X.
  • “The electricians were highly knowledgeable. They even arranged for permit and the follow up inspection over a video call with the inspector.”

    - Arun G.

Commercial and Residential EV Charger Installation

One of our most popular electrification services for both residential and commercial properties is EV charger installation. While it makes sense that a homeowner who has purchased an EV would need to install a charger, you might be wondering why the owner of a business or organization might want to do the same. 

Below are just some of the many benefits of EV chargers:

  • They can attract new patrons and make regulars of customers that are already fans of your business
  • They appeal to future employees who drive EVs and can help you retain the quality staff you already have
  • They can increase your property’s value
  • They show you are committed to using energy in ways that are better for your community and the future of the planet

If you are interested in bringing this technology to your property, find out more by visiting our EV charger page

Going Electric has Never Been Easier

In the past, installing an EV charger or fitting your property with energy-efficient LED lighting has been complicated. Now, our electrification services in Seattle make it easier than ever before to harness the power of these technologies. In fact, we have partnered with QMerit to provide you with the industry’s best in electrification services. Only certain businesses have earned the privilege to partner with QMerit, which is why we are proud to have this distinction. With this partnership and our 10+ years of experience combined, we are your top choice for electrification in King and Pierce Counties. 

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