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Most Common Problems With Electrical Outlets And How To Repair Them In Auburn, WA


Take a look around your home or office building. One of the most important considerations that are factored into the construction of the building is how many electrical outlets (more officially known as electrical receptacles) are needed and where to place each electrical outlet for optimal usage.

Whether plugging in a lamp or charging a cell phone, having an electrical outlet in the right location is a critical part of the design of a room. As a society, we rely on the electrical system very heavily daily for many things.

From powering computers and other electronics to lighting our rooms and everything in between, we need the electrical outlets and our business’ or home’s wiring to work properly. An electrical outlet allows us to harness the electric power available in our homes or businesses, which we utilize in many ways.

Common Electrical Outlet and Circuit Breaker Problems

Suppose you are having electrical issues and cannot figure out why you do not have power to your appliances.

In that case, you may be experiencing any of the following common electrical outlet problems that we see:

  • Lack of Gripping Ability in the Slots: An electrical outlet works because there are metal contact points within the outlet designed to grip hot, neutral, and grounding prongs on the cord plugs. As the slots get used over time, they begin to lose their gripping power. This may lead to increased resistance and heat and the potential for the circuit breaker to trip. Turn the power off and complete outlet replacements, especially for connections in the same circuit.
  • Loosened Circuit Wires: Over time and with great use, wire connections will loosen as the heat generated expands and contracts the wires. The screws will loosen. The circuit breaker may trip, and a fire could break out. Turning off the power and tightening the wire connections should solve the issue.
  • Broken Outlet: Old outlets are prone to breaking because they are made of bakelite plastic rather than modern vinyl. Replacing the electrical outlet is the solution since electrical outlet repair is not possible.
  • Wrong Amperage Rating: Most household outlets are either 15-amp or 20-amp, and the right amperage must be used. Plugging in a 20-amp appliance to a 15-amp plug can be very dangerous, so review the amperage for your plug and replace the entire outlet if necessary. A voltage tester should be utilized as well.
  • Reversed Polarity: The hot and neutral currents need to be moving in the correct direction, so the wires connected to the receptacle need to be going in the proper direction. If it is reversed, the wire connections need to be switched.
  • Lack of Ground Connection: Grounding protection is crucial to prevent fires and other electrical problems. If the receptacle was not connected to the circuit grounding wire with a grounding screw or the system is not grounded (common with old systems), this needs to be corrected. Check your cover plate to see if it has a round grounding slot.
  • Missing AFCI/GFCI Protection: According to the electrical code, all homes and businesses require AFCI (arc-fault circuit interrupter) and GFCI (ground-fault circuit interrupter) for specific locations of the outlets. When repairs or updates need to be done, any outlets without the protections will be required to have these interrupters installed.

Many other electrical receptacle issues may occur, and our electrical experts at Custom Electrical Services can help determine the issue and how to repair those problems.

Signs You May Need Electrical Outlet Repair

When there is a problem with the electrical power in your home or business, it will likely not be an issue you want to handle on your own with proper training. If you are unsure of what the white, green, and black wires do in an outlet, it is best to allow an electric expert to resolve your problem.

It may be as simple as hitting the reset button, but you will want to know for sure so that you do not have the potential for a fire.

Here are some common signs to look out for in the electric system:

  • Burning odor
  • Sounds of buzzing near the outlet
  • The heat coming from the switches or sparks
  • Cracks
  • Loose plates
  • Blown fuses

If you have noticed any of these signs, call an electrical repair expert at Custom Electrical Services.

Why Contact Custom Electrical Services in Auburn, WA for Electrical Outlet Repair and Replacement?

At Custom Electrical Services in Auburn, WA, our team has extensive experience and training in all aspects of the electrical needs of our residential and commercial customers, including issues with electrical outlets.

We provide an assessment of the electrical panel and circuit breakers, electrical repairs, and electrical outlet replacement. Additionally, we will complete inspections of the electrical box, aluminum wiring, and any malfunctioning or broken outlet to ensure you will not have to deal with electrical fires.

Most homeowners and business owners do not have an extensive understanding of their building’s electric system. Because of this, something as simple as loose outlets could cause major headaches for them. Our team is here whether you need a simple adjustment to ensure the outlet is in the correct position or a total replacement of the outlet and its wires.

If you are having issues with your electrical outlet and need to find out if it requires a replacement, One of our trained technicians will come to your location, check your outlets and wires, and determine if replacing the outlet is necessary. We are also happy to give you an estimated cost for the work.

Call (206) 558-0440 now to find out more about electrical outlet replacement!