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Top Reasons To Call An Emergency Electrician In Auburn, WA


Electrical emergencies are never fun. Broken light switches, burnt-out bulbs, flickering lights, or electrical wiring issues can become a safety hazard. Some problems require immediate attention, and the best person to handle the situation is an emergency electrician who is available 24/7; this person needs no appointment and can fix unexpected electrical problem anytime.

Why Call an Emergency Electrician in Auburn?

Hundreds of people die each year due to house fires, while others lose their homes because of preventable electrical faults and other preventable problems. So, never ignore any electrical problem regardless of how minor it seems. Call a professional electrician to troubleshoot the issue before the situation gets out of hand. Below are the common electrical emergencies that require the intervention of an emergency electrician in Auburn, WA.

Faulty Wiring

Contact an emergency electrician whenever there are faults with your home’s electrical wiring. Faulty wires can spark a flame or cause electrical shock. A competent electrician will examine the wires and then troubleshoot the problem. Dimming lights, buzzing sounds, and sparks are all indications of problems with your wiring. The faulty wires can lead to massive problems, including fire disasters.

Never attempt DIY electrical repair or maintenance work if you have no experience. You could mess up the wires and worsen the situation. Leave the job of troubleshooting your electrical system to an expert electrician who knows how to install and repair electrical systems in residential and commercial buildings.

Overloaded Extension Cord

Plugging too many devices onto one extension cord can inadvertently cause overloading. This problem usually happens when the current in the extension cord exceeds your appliance’s current rating. The plug may be overhead and ultimately catch fire. Contact your local electrician to install extra power points around your house.

Exposed Wires

Exposed electrical wires are a safety hazard as they can cause an electrical shock or spark a fire that can raze your house to the ground. Contact your electrician if any plug or cable that runs through the house has exposed wiring. They will seal the exposed wires to prevent electrocution.

Sparking Outlets

Old wires, faulty appliances, and overloaded electrical circuits can cause brief sparks, or burn, on the outlets. This problem usually happens when many electrical currents get drawn to the outlet. It’s best to contact an emergency electrician to examine the outlet and fix the problem.

Defective Appliances

If any of your home appliances don’t operate properly or dissipate a lot of heat, unplug them and contact your emergency electrician in the Auburn, WA area. Home appliances can become defective over time. Heat build-up can damage their fuses, circuit breakers, and even wiring. Faulty appliances will draw more current than they should and drive your energy bills up. Because they’re damaged, they won’t blow a fuse or trip the circuit breaker.

Faulty Electrical Connections

Electricity generates heat when it flows from one point to another. Proper wiring can solve this and prevents electricity from building up in your electrical system. You may have loose power outlets or switches that create more heat than they should. Call an electrician immediately to correct the problem.

Sudden Power Outage

Unexpected power loss in the entire home or a section of it – yet neighbors have electricity – should prompt you to contact the utility company. If they report there’s no problem from their end, call your electrician immediately to investigate the issue and uncover the problem quickly. A malfunctioning service line might be the problem, and it can cause a power overload across your entire house. The electricians in auburn can get to the root of the electrical problem and apply the right fix in no time.

Water Damage

Water can ruin your wiring. Exposed wires can be an electrical hazard too when they come into contact with water. If there’s major water damage or a flooding incident in your home due to a burst pipe, call electricians in Auburn, WA. Your local electrician will shut off your home’s power supply, assess the damage, and perform essential repairs to ensure your home is safe.

Service Panel Heats Up

A hot service panel signifies that excess current moves along your home’s strong wires. Because the wires are sturdy and resistant, it takes a huge current flow to heat the service panel. Over time, the service panel can brown and its wires frayed. Switch off any electrical appliances that are on and contact your local electrician.

Lights Go Out Completely

If your home’s lights go out for no apparent reason, contact an emergency electrician as soon as you can. The issue could be faulty wiring or a sudden short somewhere in the panel or arise from damaged electrical components within your home.

Flickering Lights

If lights are flickering for no apparent reason and your home electronics are malfunctioning, it could signify a serious underlying problem. The problem could be loose connections with the electrical system or a problem with the wiring. If all the lights flash simultaneously yet nothing else is happening within your house, the service line is overloaded or needs urgent replacement. Flickering lights may not be an issue of concern as long as the lights don’t go out.

Have an Electrical Problem? Contact Our Emergency Electrician in Auburn, WA

Electrical emergencies can happen instantly or take time. Either way, it’s best to hire an electrical service with a professional electrician to handle the issues at hand swiftly. Custom Electrical Services offers electrical services, including troubleshooting electrical problems, changing light fixtures, and power restoration for residential and commercial properties. We can fix tripped breakers, perform lighting installation and tackle any electrical work. Customer satisfaction is a top priority for us. If you’re concerned about any aspect of your home electrical wiring or need professional electrical services, call (206) 558-0440 or book an appointment online with our electricians in Auburn, WA.