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Benefits Of Using Electrical Surge Protector In Auburn, WA


Benefits of Using Electrical Surge Protector in Auburn, WA

Every home is susceptible to power surges and electrical hazards. From lightning strikes to faulty wiring, there are many ways that an electrical surge could damage your property. The best way to protect your family and your investment is with a residential or commercial grade surge protector. Proper installation of surge protectors is essential for your personal safety and the longevity of your electrical devices, from how to plug in your charger to understanding wire colors.

What Is A Surge Protector, And How Does It Work in Auburn, WA? 

A surge protector is a device that can be plugged into an electrical outlet to help protect your electronics from spikes in the power. A surge protector does this by absorbing excess electricity and diverting it away from sensitive equipment, such as computers and televisions. This helps prevent damage to the devices and ensures they continue functioning properly.

Benefits of Installing an Electrical Surge Protector

There are many benefits to having an electrical surge protector in both residential and commercial properties. 

  • Using a surge protector reduces the risk of appliance harm. The surge protector redirects peaks in electricity so that they do not lead to power spikes and subsequential damage. 
  • You will save money by controlling power using one switch. 
  • You can expand the lifespan of your electronics and appliances with surge protectors.

Surge protectors reduce the costs you pay for maintenance tasks. You are less likely to need a tune-up for your HVAC or appliances with a surge protector as it limits excessive power from causing damage.

Why You Should Never Plug Your Phone Charger Into the Wall Without Using a Surge Protector 

It is important to always have surge protection when your cellular device is plugged into the wall because it can cause damage and fire hazards. Without this type of protection, you risk having problems with both your phone as well as other sensitive electronics in proximity such as appliances or power tools that may present danger if used improperly- never plug high-power equipment directly onto extension cords!

How To Install a Surge Protector for Maximum Safety 

1). To properly install a surge protector, begin by turning off the main power switch. Doing this will prevent any electricity from flowing, therefore eliminating the possibility of danger. Do not touch live wires. 

1a). If you’re local to the Pacific Northwest and feel that installing a surge protector is overwhelming, reach out to Custom Electrical Services to install your surge protector for you. Whether you need full home rewiring or troubleshoot repair services, We’ve got you covered. 

2). Make a hole on the protector’s wires by hitting the side. Place one side of the wire inside and move it through to its destination on the front to get everything connected. Using a drill or screwdriver, screw any holes left behind. There are four wires for a whole-house surge protector: green means ‘ground,’ white means ‘neutral,’ and black means ‘complete circuit.’

3). Place the wire into the 14 AWG. Then, connect the green to the ground on the right side. Connect the neutral wire to the neutral bar on the right and connect the black wires near the main power wires and the circuit breaker. 

4). Replace the cover of the panel. Attach four new main screws to the panel and any extras. Do not let any spaces fall between them. 

5). Turn on your main breaker. Connect the leads of the black wires to the circuit board using a screwdriver. Then, flip the switch and see if any displays are showing incorrectly. Your surge protector will work correctly before power can move through it.

The best electrical surge protector is an all-purpose surge protector. With an all-purpose protector, your power will be automatically cut off when the protector is no longer protecting your devices. You might consider a surge protector with individually controlled outlets. These models make management convenient, as many are monitored via app or voice command.

The Best Way To Avoid Power Surges in Your Home

Most power surges are the result of brief voltage increases from devices. To prevent power surges in your home, consider the following suggestions: 

  • Address substandard wiring 
  • Keep your electronics unplugged during storms 
  • Plug sensitive devices into surge protectors
  • Use modern A/C units to reduce power usage

Power surges are hazardous, but with effort, they can be prevented. To ensure the safety of your home, call (206) 558-0440 and ask Custom Electrical Services to install your surge protector.

We are here to ensure that you protect your devices and have minimal issues when it comes to your system. If you are looking for help with protection when it comes to your system, your sockets, and general electronic devices and elements, reach out to us at Custom Electrical Services today.

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With us, you know that you are taking advantage of a team that has the expertise, knowledge, and years of experience in electrical work. At the same time, you will also have peace of mind as you will be working with a licensed and insured electrical contractor.