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The Benefits Of Having Solar-Powered Outside Lighting In Your Home


Solar lighting has transformed the way we illuminate our outdoor areas. Walking around at night, you’ll notice glowing pathway lights, string lights dangling from tree branches, or the soft glow gleaming from your neighbor’s front porch. Americans are quickly adopting solar LED lighting, and you no longer need to go up to the roof for solar panel installation. The entire electrical installation unit is packed in portable boxes that you can transport and install anywhere you want without the assistance of a technician. This article will go over the advantages of solar power for outdoor lighting.

Positive Environmental Impact

Solar panels generate electricity without the use of fossil fuels, instead converting sunlight into energy. This ensures that no energy is wasted. A solar battery also allows you to harvest energy during the day to use on your solar-powered lights at night. Furthermore, outdoor solar lights reduce the carbon footprint of your household. Your home’s reduced greenhouse gas emissions have a positive impact on the environment, effectively protecting humans and various ecosystems from the effects of climate change.

A solar outdoor lighting system also reduces water pollution because it does not use water to generate electricity. It is powered by direct sunlight and, unlike other fossil fuels, does not pollute water bodies.

Safety and Security

With the introduction of solar-powered motion sensors, you can go on a family vacation without worrying about the safety of your home. If your solar-powered security system detects movement, it will turn on the lights. This prevents burglars from breaking into your home and gives you peace of mind so you can enjoy your vacation to the fullest, all at no extra cost. According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, the installation of solar street lights in New York resulted in a 36% decline in serious crimes. This effect is felt in all cities that have solar-powered street lights, including Auburn. Similarly, solar-powered driveway flood lights, exterior wall lights, and led bulbs along your perimeter fence keep intruders at bay.

Highly Efficient

Most people are concerned about whether their solar panels will generate enough power to illuminate their outdoor space. Others frequently inquire about what will occur during the winter months when there is no sunlight. Is your outdoor space going to be dark at night? Fortunately, there is plenty of sunlight in Auburn all year round, with a total of 253 sunny days. However, manufacturers have begun to produce monocrystalline panels to address cloudy days and winter months. When combined with LED lights, you will have a sufficient lighting system that will last for a week without direct sunlight.

A New World of Unlimited Light Supply From Your Solar Panel

Do you stay in an area where trenching is more expensive? Then you don’t have to be concerned because installing solar panels does not necessitate trenching. In Auburn, Washington, on the other hand, the silty soil makes digging for electrical installations difficult. In this case, you can rely on solar-powered string lights to illuminate your property because installing an outdoor solar fixture does not necessitate digging.

No More Recurring Energy Bills

Isn’t it wonderful to harvest direct sunlight during the day to light your home at night and finally say goodbye to outdoor lighting costs? This is what solar lights can help you with. Once your solar lighting system is fully installed, you will no longer have to worry about those high monthly power bills. Though the initial cost of installing solar path lights and flood lights may appear intimidating, consider the long-term savings.

Affordable Installation of Solar String Lights

Be wary of the myth propagated by some electric companies that solar installation costs more than traditional light fixture installation. While they could claim that installing solar lighting systems would be 50% more expensive, they failed to mention trenching costs. Assume you just purchased a $20,000 lighting system with ten bulbs. You could pay an extra $20,000 or more for trenching, totaling $40,000, but you could do the same thing for half the price by using solar string lights.

Your Outdoor Solar Lights Have Virtually Zero Maintenance Costs.

For a long time, the solar light system requires almost no maintenance. You can forget about repairing your outdoor lights and fixtures with LED lights that last up to 20 years and batteries that have a 5-7 year warranty. Rainfall cleans the solar panels, so you don’t need to clean them as often unless your home is surrounded by trees that drop twigs. You can also clean your panels without hiring anyone.

Are You Ready to Switch to Outdoor Solar Lighting? Call Custom Electrical Services for Help 

Homeowners, the community, and the environment all benefit from solar lighting. Begin with small fairy lights and portable outdoor decorations before progressing to integrated LED systems powered by rooftop solar panels. Auburn residents with installing custom lighting solutions in their homes have been assisted by Custom Electrical Services. You can rely on us for any electrical project, from new installations to troubleshooting and maintenance. Both residential and commercial properties can benefit from our services. Call (206) 558-0440 or send us an email to get your project started.