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Outdoor Electrical Projects


As we spend more time at home and outdoors, and with summer quickly approaching, many of us are considering ways to improve and enhance our outdoor living spaces easily and safely. From open-air entertaining, to designing a peaceful and comfortable outdoor living area, we have been receiving many types of requests to help improve the comfort, security, and lighting outside the home.

Below are some of the most requested electrical projects we’ve received at Customer Electrical Services. Read on for helpful ideas to add comfort and security to your outdoor living experience!

Project: Electric Patio Heaters

From businesses quickly adjusting their spaces to accommodate serving guests outside, to those of us just wanting added comfort to extend patio life into the fall, Electric Patio Heaters are extremely popular this year.

Rather than having to stock up on propane tanks to keep the fires burning, many businesses and homeowners are opting for the services of a qualified electrician to hardwire their electric patio heaters for year-round convenience.

Two of the most popular brands of heater are Bromic and Infratech brand. Both have different wattage and styling options depending on the size of your space, placement, and favorite design. Both brands have the option to purchase a control system that allows for a timer, heat reducer, and remote control.

Electric Patio Heater Installation Costs

When determining the project installation cost, we take a look at your power panel to ensure there is space for the added breaker, distance from your main house panel, and amperage required for the heater. We also take into account the mounting and control installation.

Depending on your specific situation, installation time can be anywhere from 4-8 hours. Most installation projects are completed using a surface mount electrical rated conduit from the panel to the controls and to the heater. Pricing can vary substantially, however most fall somewhere between $1500-$2500 for installation only.

Project: Hot Tub, Sauna, or Swim Spa:

As a preferred electrical contractor for Olympic Hot Tubs and Aqua Quip, we have years of experience in the electrical installation of saunas and spas. Before you start your search for a new hot tub, sauna, or swim spa take a quick look at your house panel to make sure that you have the power and breaker space available. Many units require a 60amp dedicated circuit with an additional 20amp circuit which can take up to three breaker spots.

Placement of your spa or sauna also needs to be considered as trenching could be expensive if far from the house. Our typical installation is around 5-10’ from the house.

Hot Tub Installation Costs

When determining the installation cost, we take a look at your power panel to ensure there is space for the added breakers, distance from your main house panel, and amperage required for the spa or sauna. We also take into consideration the disconnect placement.

Installation time can be anywhere from 6-8 hours depending on a number of factors. Most installations are completed using a surface mount electrical rated conduit from the panel to the controls and to the installed unit. Pricing for labor and materials for a standard installation is around $2,000.

Our favorite Spa models are made by:

Project: Security Camera and Doorbells

There are many new home security options that are easy to use and that don’t require a subscription. Brands such as Nest, Ring, and Arlo have become a household name brand and are readily available in most hardware stores or online.

Our favorite and most popular Wi-Fi security camera is the Ring camera. They come in a floodlight version or a standard camera version. The resolution is amazing, and you will have the ability to be notified when the camera is activated. You can even use the audio option to listen and speak to the person or animal that activated your device.

All brands have the option to subscribe to a service that keeps your activity recordings in the cloud so they can be viewed at a later date or time. Whether you want to check on the kids in the backyard, or add more security to your driveway, these Wi-Fi cameras are a great option.

Installation time and cost depend on the distance between the power source and camera location. Standard installation can start at about $595 and includes initial programming with the customer. A good Wi-Fi connection is required.

Ring Cameras –
Nest Doorbell –
Arlo Cameras (battery version) –

Project: Exterior Home and Landscaping Lighting

With thousands of options to choose from, it can be difficult to find the perfect exterior and landscape lighting for your home. We recommend utilizing a landscape company or lighting supply store to find the perfect fixture and lighting type.

Once you have selected your lights and control system, we will provide the power and transformer requirements to make your lighting system work exactly how it should. Some of our most popular outdoor lighting installations have been low voltage landscape lighting to illuminate trees, driveway, and walking paths.

Project: Power for outdoor shed

With more people now working from home full-time, many are building new or converting sheds into office space, art space, game rooms, or studios. With the increased time spent in these structures, more power is needed for lights, outlets, and a heating or air source.

To get started you will first need to determine how much power is needed for your shed, how you will get the power to the shed, and whether your house panel can support the added energy load.
In order to determine how much power is required, I suggest taking inventory of all the appliances, electronics, heat/air requirements, and lighting you desire. A standard installation will include 2-4 light fixtures with a switch (typically a low-profile LED light bar or recessed can lighting), an outdoor motion light, and about 4 outlets including one for a space heater.

Depending on the power requirement we will install a 50amp-80amp sub-panel with a dedicated circuit from the main house panel to the shed. Pricing and Installation time are dependent on the distance from the main house panel to the shed and total power required. Without trenching, installation is typically starts around $3,000 – $4,000 and can take a few days to complete.

Project: Outdoor Patio Lighting

One of the most popular and beautiful ways to illuminate your outdoor living space is with string or “party” lights. These waterproof light strands typically are sold in 50 foot bundles and include Edison style bulbs.

Professional installation requires an outdoor outlet placed at the beginning of the strand as well as tension or guide wire in which the strand is connect too. This prevents any sagging and makes for a long-lasting installation that can withstand rain and wind over time. Before installation, we work with the homeowner to determine the desired height and the direction of each strand.
Pricing and installation time depends on total distance. Our standard installation for an entire yard can cost up to $2,000 and take 6-8 hours to complete.

Our team of experts are ready and waiting to partner with you to deliver everything you need to create a stellar outdoor environment. We’ve compiled some of our most popular electrical projects that will help you enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of your own home this summer. Whether it be installing outdoor lighting or heating, or professional installation of a hut tub, we have everything you need for success.

Which one of these ideas is calling out to you? Contact us today!