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7 Key Signs You Need To Upgrade Your Electrical Panel In Auburn, WA


During any electrical repair or routine maintenance of your home’s electrical system, shutting off the power to the circuit your electrician focuses on is imperative. This is normally done at the main electrical panel. You may know it as the breaker box, while electrical specialists refer to it as the load center. It works like a switchboard for all the power on your property. Therefore, it is an essential part of your home and should operate optimally at all times.

As a homeowner, the safety of your home and your family has to be at the top of your priority. For this reason, you should hire expert electricians when considering an electrical panel upgrade.

What Is an Electrical Panel and What Does It Do?

A breaker box or electrical panel is an integral component for every home. It is responsible for keeping your lights on, running your HVAC, and heating your water. Every piece of equipment in your home using electricity has to run through an electrical panel. It is the component in your electrical system that accepts the main power and distributes it in your home or business. The contractor should provide all types of electrical services adequately and professionally. This ensures your home’s power system is safe and up to standards.

So, how would you know if your home in Auburn, WA requires an electrical panel upgrade? You need an upgrade if: here are a few pointers.

1. Your Home Is Still Using a Fuse Box

Electric panels and fuse boxes are quite different visually. Fuse boxes contain circular fuses that connect to each circuit, while electric panels contain switches for every circuit, and the majority of older houses still use fuse boxes. One of the signs that you need an electrical panel upgrade is a fuse box in your home. If this is the case, you need to get in touch with a certified and licensed electrician for an electrical panel upgrade. Fuse boxes do not keep your home up to code. They do not comply with the minimum standards in Auburn, WA. When your home complies with electrical codes, your property’s value appreciates, and your safety improves too.

2. Your Breakers Trip Frequently

Circuit breakers trip when there is an irregularity in the electricity flow. Doing so averts the entire system from overheating, leading to fire hazards. If your breakers trip often, it is a sure sign that you need to upgrade your electrical panel. It shows the power draw in your home is too much for your current electrical panel, signaling the need for an upgrade.

3. You Experience Frequent Electrical Surges 

A power surge occurs when too much current flows in your system at once or when the electric flow is interrupted. Your home will temporarily lose power when this happens, and some electrical devices could experience damage. You might also lose important data on your computer or other devices. If this happens, you should get electrical panel upgrades.

Similarly, if your home experiences power outages, you should consider upgrading your electrical panel. Outages normally occur because storms or other external factors overload the grid. This results in a shutdown of the power grid, cutting off the power supply to your home. You might also lose power if your panel is old and overused. Call up an expert electrician to evaluate the problem and fix the issue.

4. Your Home Is Old

While living in an older home can be cost-effective, you might want to get your wiring and electrical panel upgraded. Older electrical panels and fuse boxes cannot keep up with the electrical needs of a modern home.

Most of these older panels had certain design flaws that resulted in shocks, sparking and electrical fires. Most of them are only able to handle low voltage installations. If you have an older electric panel, you should call our experts at Custom Electrical Services in Auburn, WA, for an upgrade.

5. There Are Burning Smells From the Panel

Burning smells are never a good sign in the electrical industry. It could indicate major and hazardous problems with your home’s electrical panel or your entire electrical construction. If you smell burning from your electrical panel, the first step should be to call an electrician from an experienced electrical service to perform a safety inspection.

Such smells from an electrical panel mean that there is excess heat that is causing scorching and melting. Faulty breakers and heat from old wiring can lead to the melting of the wire shielding. This can easily lead to electrical fires. Here are a few things to look out for:

  • Scorching or burns on the electrical panel.
  • Scorching or burning at the breaker box.
  • Melted and burned insulation and wires.

Our expert electricians are well-trained to ensure both your wiring system and electrical panel work effectively and safely.

6. There Are Odd Sounds From Your Electrical Panel

A minor buzzing noise from your electrical panel is normal and quite safe. But, something is not right if you hear crackling and popping sounds from your panel.

Such sounds mean some arching in the equipment requires attention from a professional electrician. Our electrical contractors at Custom Electrical Services are highly-qualified to upgrade your electrical panel at residential or commercial property.

7. Your Lights Dim

If you notice your lighting systems dimming when you turn on other electrical devices, it means your electrical system is ill-equipped to handle your electrical requirements. This happens when an overloaded system taps electricity from different parts of your residential or business property to meet the electrical demand.

You should get your electrical panel upgraded to handle your electrical needs better to solve this problem. A professional electrical contractor will examine your indoor and outdoor lighting system to determine which electrical panel best suits your needs.

Get the Best Electrical Services in Auburn, WA

If you suspect that your commercial or residential property needs an electrical upgrade in Auburn, and the surrounding areas, look no further. Custom Electrical Services is a team of highly-trained electrical contractors that ensure your electrical installation project is flawless.

We have a good track record in electrical contracting as attested by work performed for satisfied clients. We serve as electrical contractors, both residential and commercial, in Washington, including Seattle, Redmond, Everett, and Bothell, just to name a few. If you are looking for professional electric services in Washington, we have the solution. We have outstanding workmanship, punctuality, and communication, guaranteeing same-day service calls.

For more information about electrical panel upgrades, visit Custom Electrical services at our office in Auburn, WA. You can also call (206) 558-0440 to get a free estimate today.